Union celebrations


Union Celebrations

Union Celebrations

Every couple deserves to celebrate their love. Not everyone necessarily wants or will  get married but it’s not a reason to deny a great celebration of your love. Union Creations offers a personalized planning service of all the details as well as coordination of the day of. So that all aspects are carried out impeccably, while benefiting from legal advice for contracts with suppliers and the legal aspects of the union. All with a personalized design representing your vision.



We offer a complete hands on planning service, from every small detail all the way through the day of. Making sure you have the ideal venue, catering and all the other various items. We also offer your own personalized website with useful tips and reminders.



We will coordinate every detail of your special day, making sure every aspect planed is impeccably executed.



Legal advise is an integral part of our service. Ensuring all documentation is adequate and making sure you have the tools to better understand and edit any element if necessary so it represents your wishes. You also have at your disposal a notary and officiant.



We will create a personalized design that represents you and your vision. We want your story to be seen through this special day.