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About Us

About Us

Genvieve Van Gelder


As an artist I love creating unique and meaningful art, playing with colors, lighting and shapes. It’s important that the person feels a connection and that the art piece speaks to them.

After my studies in interior design I decided to follow my long love of event planning. Once in the industry, I had the opportunity to be a part of very high end weddings. As in art I feel like an event this special needs to have a beautiful and strong connection to each individual.

Therefore the Art of celebrating.


Union Creations

Before we met, we separately thought of working with future spouses in the planning and celebration of their wedding. Speaking to our friends and family about it, one of our acquaintance spoke about one another. After finally meeting, we couldn’t believe the timing and that we had the same vision. We were meant to find our way to each other so we could create beautiful memories for many people.

And so Union Creations began.

With our love of design, planning and hearing your stories, we want to offer you a solution to a day without stress. With great variations of talent our team will be there to assist you and take care of all the diverse situations.

Isabelle Martin


Being a notary since 2004, what I appreciate the most about my practice is to have the privilege to be a participating witness in important moments of people’s life.  The reading of their contracts, the analysis and the translation is a strength that you will benefit with your suppliers.

Throughout the years, I witnessed conflicts amongst members of a family and other parties and I became a negotiator, a natural mediator.




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